Sustainability and CSR

Sustainability and CSR

At Welex, sustainable business is of paramount importance. From re-use to innovation and sponsorship.

Sustainability Improvement on every level

We at Welex are constantly making our business more sustainable. We try to create added value on an economic, environmental and social level. We do this in several ways:

We only use approved wood

We at Welex always want to know where our wood comes from. That is why we import it ourselves, or by carefully selected importers. We therefore know for sure that all our wood comes from legally felled trees that meet the EUTR guidelines.

We will constantly continue to innovate

Whether it's energy efficient machines or more efficient methods of operation: we constantly continue to innovate. This way we not only ensure an even better product, but also for a sustainable production process.

We support local initiatives and associations

Although Welex is an international trading company, we feel concerned with our immediate environment. We therefore help with the realisation of local events and sponsor various clubs. This way, we remain socially involved.

We use our wood in its entirety

We regularly have fragments left over from tailor-making our dragline mats. Because we do not want to waste any of this precious raw materials, we use all of our wood in its entirety. Of the leftover wood, we make waste- and by-products.

We are transparent

Corporate social responsibility also includes transparency. Transparency is one of the key words of our organization. We are always honest about the way we work, about the origin of our wood and about our partners.