Bigger is better

The Iron Lady turns into the wooden lady.

We received a request from Allseas to provide crane mats for the immense ship formerly known as the Pieter Schelte, now better known as Pioneering Spirit.

To mount the central carring system at the bow, they needed to place a pontoon between arms off the ship called the iron lady.

The pontoon had to be equipped with crane mats, so that the crawler cranes off Sarens could do their work.

To provide this pontoon with enough crane mats, we needed to deliver +/- 7.500 m2 whitin 1.5 months.

This turned out to be quite a challenge considering a project which was expected to come back was not quite on time. Because of this we had to move quickly we eventually did almost the entire task on new crane mats, whitin the time limit. We have been able to realize this without any delays for our other customers.

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