New Welex Logistik GmbH, located in Soest

New Welex Logistik GmbH, located in Soest

As of April 18, 2016, we established a new company in Germany called Welex Logistik GmbH. The company will focus on transport and logistics services.

Welex Logistik GmbH has been founded by Mr. Rob Koolmees and will be led by Mr. Jaap Baars. With an extensive fleet Welex Logistik GmbH offers customers logistic solutions for all markets. Our team is extremely professional and very motivated to perform each task to suit the customer.

This does not only include the general transport services but also additional services such as preparatory work such as the construction of temporary roads, and moving them. We do this using our trucks equipped with a crane or, if this is not sufficient, with an excavator. This makes us efficent and flexible to respond optimally to the needs of a customer.

Curious what we can do for you?
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Welex Logistik GmbH
Wierlauker Highway 39
59494 Soest - Deiringsen
Telefon: 02921-36937 31
Fax: 02921-36937 32

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