Something you can build on

Something you can build on

Van constructing a hangar to building a high quality architectural complex: there is nothing as diverse as Commercial and Industrial buildings. Det er selvfølgelig også vigtigt at byggepladsen er godt og især sikkert tilgængeligt. Of it is by car or by a crawler crane. The dragline mats of Welex have been the ideal foundation for this for many years. By using the best quality hardwood our dragline mats are extremely durable and resistant to all weather conditions. Our range includes small, thin mats, but also extra-long mats with a thickness of up to thirty centimeters. Would you like to get going quickly? This is possible! All our dragline mats are produced in-house, allowing us to deliver a large quantity at short notice.

We go the extra mile

Welex goes the extra mile. We can also deliver our mats to the construction site. Our experienced team can even place your mats. This saves you a lot of time. We also understand that our standard sizes are not suitable for every home. Customization is therefore no problem for us. Contact us for the options.

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