When the old makes way for the new

Where there is construction there is also demolition. Demolition machines demolish buildings and objects in an instant. Every demolition project or dismantling project produces hundreds of kilograms of rubble and scrap iron. Tippers are charged with disposing of all the waste. For this a sturdy access road is a requirement. The dragline mats of Welex provide a sturdy, durable foundation. Our dragline mats are manufactured in-house and are made from the highest quality hardwood. Because of this we have an extremely large stock of dragline mats in all shapes and sizes. Would you like to get going quickly? Welex can help you with this!

We go the extra mile

Welex goes the extra mile. We know that standard size mats do not always fit into your demolition project. This is why we also produce customised mats. But we go even further. We do not fuss about delivering the mats. We will gladly have the mats placed by our expert team as well. This saves you a lot of time! Would you like to know more about these options? Contact us.

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