The way to road construction

The infrastructure sector is where we started decades ago. Gigantic projects with large construction sites, where huge freight transport vehicles and enormous machines drive on and off daily. For such a project to run smoothly and efficiently, a good temporary access road is indispensable. One that can contain even the heaviest equipment and which is resistant to all weather conditions. These are the dragline mats of Welex. This gives you a solid foundation for even the largest infrastructure projects in a snap. Our dragline mats are produced in-house and are made from the highest quality hardwood. This makes them extremely durable. Thanks to our own factory we have large stocks and we can act quickly. Would you like to start on a new project soon? This is possible! We will create a road to your construction site as quickly as possible.

We go the extra mile

Welex goes the extra mile. Customisation is - because we produce in-house - always possible with us. We know that no job is the same, also not in the infrastructure sector. Every job requires a different foundation. Want to save time? We can also deliver our dragline mats right to you at the construction site. Our experienced team can even place your mats. Would you like to know more about these options? Contact us.

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