The foundation for the energy of tomorrow

The energy sector is growing at a phenomenal rate. This requires expansions of our energy network and our windmill park. Construction sites of these types of projects are often spread over several kilometres. Trucks full of new components drive in and out of these every day. A sturdy, safe access road is then indispensable. The dragline mats of Welex are the perfect solution with these types of projects. These are made from the highest quality hardwood, making them not only sturdy, but also extremely durable. We produce our dragline mats in our own factory. This has made us extra flexible, allowing us to have large stocks. Ready for any job!

We go the extra mile

Welex goes the extra mile. We understand that not one job is the same, especially not in the energy sector. This is why we do not fuss about customisation. We will also deliver our dragline mats with pleasure. Want to save even more time? It is even possible to have our dragline mats placed by our expert team. Are you curious about the options? Contact us.

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